Wednesday, March 21, 2018


There are too many people doing a disservice to the youth of our community by way of sports.  It is important to teach these young athletes fundamentals associated with a sport, but, it's more important to teach them "the way of life."  I get irritated when I see parents/grandparents of young athletes try to live or re-live their lives through their children.  Winning is important in sports; but building character, loyalty, trustworthiness, and sportsmanship are far more tangible assets.  I recently agreed to coach a 4th - 6th-grade boys basketball team.  After 2 practices I determined the philosophical differences of the organization were too great for me to continue.  Oftentimes the people in charge of these youth are feeding an ego and do not pay real attention to the needs and wants of the young athletes they have influence over.  If you accept the responsibility, fulfill the responsibility to teach them sport related skill sets along with how to accept the different cultures of other individuals, respect for oneself and others, be humble but appreciative, honesty, hard work and the importance of contributing to a team's goals.  If you do, you will find satisfaction within yourself and our youth will in return become human, decent citizens of our society.


Coach Fisher